Welcome to my blog, NordStreet. I believe that the year of 2015 provides a great momentum for start writing about investment analysis and financial markets from somebody who has already monitored the markets during the 2008/2009 collapse and would like to increase his personal investments using a mixture of fundamental and technical considerations as well. The so called financial crisis, characterized by dry global markets and significant drops in prices, is behind us and nowadays the mainstream issues are the timing of recovery in Europe, the sustainability of QE’s and investment opportunities in ‘exotic’ markets (depressed valuations in Russia, growth potentials in Africa).

The majority of the posts are expected to cover a wide range of investment, trading and finance related topics without any predefined constrain similar to an absolute return fund. Your constructive comments and feedbacks are welcome.

This may come as the boring disclaimer section, but the most important rule of investing needs to be emphasized: everyone is solely responsible for his/her investment decisions; it is your risk (regardless of your knowledge and education) and the potential reward or loss will belong to you, noone will step in to solve the consequences of your decision instead of you. Btw as a result of these the financial markets might be one of the fairest places globally.


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