Trade Idea – Aegon


On 10 January 2017 the Aegon position has been sold at EUR 5.082. The realized appr. half year profit is 30.24% before any taxes and fees.


Backtesting 2015/2016

As the beginning of 2017 approaches majority of the people start summarizing the notable events that are important to them. For example there are dozens of rankings about movies, surprising sport events and famous people. The financial professionals select the top stories of this year from the global investment universe and traders calculate their individual performance hoping for nice bonus levels.

Similar to these in this post I collected the realized outcomes and the currently unrealized values of my recent trade ideas. Thanks to the conservative investment policy I follow all of the initiated positions resulted in a profit. On the other hand the 1-2% holding period returns were often due to the strict stop loss limits. The biggest gain was generated by the Pernod Ricard position (16% over the holding period, 73% in annualized terms).

Additionally the currently unrealized Aegon shares in the portfolio are performing really nicely as well.


The highlighted holding period returns are not annualized and are generated from long positions in the equities and do not contain dividend returns received over the holding period. All return values are before fees and taxes.

Trade Idea – Engie


The opportunity of opening a long position in Engie at 5y historic low price levels has been utilized on 10 November 2016. The purchase price of EUR 11.9 can be derived into a really significant dividend yield (~8%).

In line with its previously announced strategic targets the conglomerate will focus on the following main pillars in the future:

(1) activities with low CO2 emission (already made some steps to be a top global renewable generator)

(2) shifting the focus to contracted, regulated business; consequently limiting the exposure to the volatile commodity prices

(3) integrated customer solutions

These are really ambitious plans to provide a proper answer in connection with the collapsed comodity prices and to transform the 200y old energy group into a solid player of the new energy era. Majority of the analysts covering Engie’s business activites provided positive opinion on the future outlook of the company. Even in short-term we might realize some upside (taking into account the oversold measures and the high dividend yield).