Trade Idea – Celgene

On 15 November 2017 the purchased shares have been sold at USD 98.78 due to reaching the stop loss limit. The realised profit over two weeks before any taxes and fees is 2.38%.


Trade Idea – Celgene


On 27 October 2017 long position has been opened at USD 96.48 in Celgene. The global biopharmaceutical corporation formed a positive mid-term outlook: the USD 13 bn estimated revenue for 2017 is projected to grow by 14.5% CAGR to reach USD 19-20 bn by 2020.

The key issue was that this revised guideance is lower compared to the previous one, therefore the shares have plunged from an all time high above USD 145 to below USD 100 recently. The current trade idea is a bet on the feeling that the market probably overreacted the story and the company can offer significant upside in the future.